Your Custom PPC Campaign Strategy

Our PPC team is dedicated to make your PPC campaigns profitable...

..,as well as keeping your entire business successful as a whole.Nobody knows your business better than you, and we strive to work closely with our clients because your insight will directly influence our strategy.
There's no such thing as generic Google AdWords management strategy. With our expertise and commitment, you can achieve exceptional performance as well as make the process easy to follow and the progress clear as day. You'll be able to understand the components of your PPC efforts and its resulting ROI by demystifying your performance data and making it straightforward, uncomplicated, and insightful.


What you get with our PPC management

At CPC Strategy, data-driven decisions and meaningful ROI-based metrics are the tenets that drive our strategy. Each client gets a dedicated Retail Search Manager and Retail Search Strategist that works to align successful PPC campaigns with your business' priorities. Our work is complex and ever-changing, but you'll have an experienced team of search marketing professionals working in your corner.


  • Dedicated Retail Search Team
  • Account Review and Goal Setting
  • Keyword Research
  • Account Structure/Restructuring
  • Text Ad Creation and Optimization
  • Text Ad Variation Testing
  • Dynamic Keyword Phrase Insertion
  • Improvements to Quality Score
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Landing Page Optimization Recommendations
  • Strategic support from the entire PPC department
  • Detailed Performance Reporting(weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)


What Makes Us Different?

We're obsessed with Search marketing for retail. We're engaged in the Search community – constantly learning, contributing to, and researching the best practices in Paid Search – and our work is unrelenting. We're transparent about the work we're doing for you and we're also selective about the clients we work with because we want to work with clients that care about meaningful PPC results.

The Process

  • Your business needs a custom-tailored solution and a PPC team that understands your business. That's why we begin with a vigorous education and research process where we learn about your business' goals and priorities, as well as identifying existing opportunities for your account.
  • Once we understand your industry, your market, and your audience, we begin our own research and start building the foundation of your campaign strategy. We structure (and restructure, if we have to), fine-tune keywords, test ad copy, and much much more.
  • Then we optimize. This is a non-stop process at CPC Strategy and it's all-hands-on-deck. We continually analyze every aspect of a campaign and make adjustments to improve and maximize the ROI. Our multifaceted approach to optimization is extremely intricate but it delivers real results.


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